Top Stories on June 13, 2017

cognitive_300x300.jpgThe Power of Positive Thinking Could Help Lower Viral Load

The power of positive thinking might extend well beyond emotional well-being to include physical benefits such as lower viral load in people with HIV, according to new research.

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twihr_200x200.pngThis Week in HIV Research: Continuous Treatment Adherence Increases

This week, a study finds that continuous HIV treatment adherence, without a 90-day gap, has increased from 2001-2010, and is now longer than adherence to medications for some other chronic diseases.

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hcv_alert_300x300.jpgNew Hepatitis C Infections Nearly Tripled Over Five Years

Over just five years, the number of new hepatitis C virus infections reported to CDC has nearly tripled, reaching a 15-year high, according to new data.

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diabetes_meter_300x300.jpgIncreased Prevalence of Diabetes in HIV-Positive People

Diabetes occurs at an increased frequency in people with HIV and may develop at earlier stages than it does in the general population.

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What's Up With PrEP and STIs?

HIV Patients 65 Years or Older Face Higher Rates of Serious Non-HIV Illnesses

Poppers and Cancer Risk in HIV-Negative and HIV-Positive Gay Men

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