Hello SAPC Providers and Stakeholders,


Additional Projecting Service Capacity and Revenue: The Key to Planning for a Successful Future workshops have been scheduled. If you have not had an opportunity to attend one of these workshops, please feel free to register for one of the two options listed below.


Session Content:

The workshop is designed to help agencies begin the process of ensuring that finance management practices align with new Los Angeles County requirements, including how to:


1)   Accurately project units of service and build a realistic budget or spending plan

2)   Monitor actual utilization on a regular basis to prevent recoupment if costs are lower than the rates (fees) paid

3)   Monitor actual utilization to ensure utilization targets are appropriately met to cover fixed costs

4)   Make investments to improve patient care rates (fees) exceed actual costs


Meeting/Learning Objectives:

·      Increase your understanding of new Federal, State and local regulations that impact how your agency’s business model and financing processes will change under START–ODS

·      Clarify new reimbursement procedures and billing practices (new coding and HCPCS)

·      Invest in the future of substance use disorder (SUD) services and evaluate the intersection between higher rates and higher expectations

·      Evaluate your program for “fit” by analyzing your projection data and understand the degree to which your program is really patient-centered

·      Brainstorm and develop ideas for clinical enhancements and innovation that support patient centered care

·      Using a staff productivity worksheet, explore options on how to maximize staffing resources that incorporate new staffing expectations and enhance treatment options


#1 Date and Time:

June 28, 2017

Registration begins at 8:30 am

Workshop: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm


CRI-Help, Inc.

11027 Burbank Blvd

North Hollywood, CA 91601


Limited underground parking is available. If the lot is full, street parking is also available near building.

Register here!


#2 Date and Time:

July 31, 2017

Registration begins at 8:30 am

Workshop: 9:00 am – 12:30 pm


Department of Health Services

5555 Ferguson Drive


Commerce, CA 90022


Available in any lot. The closest entrance to the Auditorium is the West Entrance.

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