New Online Course: Providing Inclusive Care for LGBTQ Patients


This FREE online course covers background data on health disparities impacting LGBTQ populations and best practices for providing LGBTQ-inclusive and adolescent-friendly services, with a heavy emphasis on sexual history-taking and STD/HIV screening. Participants will have unlimited access to Essential Access Health’s new toolkit: "Providing Inclusive Care for LGBTQ Patients" and other recommended resources.

What Will You Learn?

After completing this course participants will be able to:

§  Define current, culturally sensitive terminology related to LGBTQ patients

§  Describe major health disparities impacting LGBTQ populations

§  Utilize EHR systems to document screening and counseling activities for LGBTQ patients

§  Access a variety of resources and toolkits to assist them in providing more inclusive care for LGBTQ patients

Who Should Take This Course?

§  Clinicians

§  Nurses

§  Medical Assistants

§  Health + Sexuality Educators

§  School Nurses + Counselors

§  Community-Based Educators

§  Other Family Planning Staff

Course includes continuing education for CME, Nursing and CHES

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